Mini Memoirs – An Introduction and Overview

Hey y’all! Today I’m bringing you something brand new and very exciting! I have decided to start a new series, called Mini Memoirs. This is going to be a collection of stories from my childhood to help you get to know me.

I thought I would start by just telling you an abridged version of My Life Story. Later on we’ll get to The Big Stuff, and I’ll go on to more in-depth stories (:

I was born in Iowa City, Iowa. Not Ohio, nor Idaho, definitely not Indiana. Nothing against those other states, but I was born in Iowa, and I’m proud.

5If you don’t know anything about Iowa, don’t be alarmed or embarrassed. There’s not much to know. It’s very midwestern, all corn and pigs. It’s pretty conservative, but my town was fairly liberal.

I lived in a beautiful house with my mom, dad, little brother, and two cats.

When I was three, I started going to church. I met my best friend there, and we introduced our families. We’ve both been through a lot in the last fourteen years, and even though we live almost 2000 miles apart, she’s still the one thing connecting me to the place where I grew up.

church camp 2010

At four, I began ballet classes. I took some baby dance classes before then, but real ballet started at four. I had begged my mom to let me do ballet for a year before she let me. I don’t think she thought it would become a thing for me. If only she could see where I’d be in ten years.


When I was six, my family packed up and moved to California. I had no idea what moving meant or where California was. I’d been there before, we had family there, but it was just a place that was a long plane ride away.

Although I missed Iowa, I grew to love my new home. We live in the Sacramento area, and our town is a perfect little bubble. Everyone wears expensive clothes and drives expensive cars and gets 4.5 GPAs.

I don’t love it here anymore.

It is a nice place to grow up, and I have lived a privileged life. I’ve gotten to visit several European countries, and I’ve been to over 30 states.

My childhood was pretty perfect, except that I was pretty consistently bullied and an outcast. I was considered very weird, and I struggled because of that. By the time I was nine I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, and I developed clinical depression in the sixth grade.

Since then, my life has been measured in mental illness. In eighth grade I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. In ninth grade it was severe clinical depression. In tenth grade I was medicated.

I have never let myself be defined by those illnesses. I embrace them, they are a part of what makes me, me. I see a therapist every Friday afternoon, and each evening I take two little pills. It’s just a part of me and I wouldn’t choose to do it over again without them.

High school has been pretty hard on me. My body is weak and I have missed more school in the past three years than in all previous years combined. But I work hard, and it pays off. Many of my friends have just graduated, and in a year, that’ll be me.

I’m really excited to see where my life is taking me, and I can’t wait to take you with me. Thank you for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon.

13 thoughts on “Mini Memoirs – An Introduction and Overview

  1. I loved reading this post-it was great to learn a lil more about you ❤ Btw, has anyone ever told you before that you look a wee bit like Demi Lovato? xD


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