Looking Back – Junior Year in Review

Hi guys. Today’s post is going to be a bit of a journal/reflection.

Today I finished my junior year of high school. I’m a senior now.

I’m kind of freaking out and simultaneously excited. A lot of my friends are graduating tonight or tomorrow night, which is so cool but I know I’ll miss them a lot. Next year I get to do so much cool stuff, but it’ll be the last year I live at home with my parents.

I thought I would go back and think about everything I’ve gone through this year.


I always start the year by taking on more than I can handle. This year it was two honors classes, an AP class, an internship, and dancing with the Sac Ballet. By the end of September I was sick and everything was already falling apart.


I spent October trying to get everything back under control. I recovered from my illness and quit my internship. I established a system for getting homework done. I was hanging out with friends pretty consistently and I was really happy.


Smooth sailing. Nothing seems to be too stressful in my life, and I’m feeling good. A minor falling out with one of my close friends, but we move on.


I officially leave Sac Ballet. The time commitment and distance was too much for me. I’m sad, but excited about going back to rejoin my old studio. The holiday season leaves me overwhelmed by family time, and I spend the week after Christmas being very alone in my room.


School resumes and I kick of the second semester feeling strong. I start preparing for the SAT and AP exams. I turn 17!


Things are rocky with one of my friends. I plan and give a service at my church through my youth group. I begin to plan out which colleges I’m going to visit. A huge event at my school goes off without a hitch, and I win an award. On February 28, I make this blog.


I travel a lot, taking a week long trip to Washington D.C., and then a road trip to Southern California. I pinch a nerve in my back and can’t take my SAT as planned. I get in a huge fight with one of my best friends and we stop talking.


Life chugs on. Previously mentioned friend and I talk a few times. I make it worse. I have a terrible migraine that lasts a full week. I go to the hospital.


I finally take the SAT, and feel very good about it. A week later, I take the AP, which I feel good about as well. School begins to wrap up. My oldest friend graduates from high school.

And that’s a short review the past year of my life. It’s remarkable how much has changed since last August. I’ve grown so much, and even through all the hardships, I wouldn’t change a thing. This year has made me who I am today, and I’m grateful.

What’s the most prominent event that has happened in the past year?

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