Music of the Month – May

Hey y’all! Happy June (: As always, today I have my monthly playlist for y’all. This isn’t my entire playlist, but rather my favorites from this month playlist. It’s a little bit long this month, but I have a huge announcement to make at the end of this post so stick around!

And now… my favorite songs of May!

want u back.jpg

Song: Want You Back

Artist: HAIM

I love HAIM and when this song was released I was so excited! I love the vibe from this new album, and this is such a good summer song.

hard times.jpg

Song: Hard Times

Artist: Paramore

Okay, confession. I haven’t listen to all of Paramore’s new album, but what I have heard I love. This song is also such a bop and it also gives me highkey summer vibes.


Song: Thunder

Artist: Imagine Dragons

I LOVE Imagine Dragons, and I’m so excited about their new album. This is such a great first single and I’m so ready for the album to drop (and see them in October)!


Song: Don’t Let Our Love Go Cold

Artist: Red Rosamond

I had no idea what this song would be like because I’d never heard of Red Rosamond before, but Apple Music suggested it to me and I love it!


Song: There’s a Honey

Artist: Pale Waves

Yes, this is the actual album cover for this song. Another bop.

no roots.jpg

Song: No Roots

Artist: Alice Merton

I always listen to this song in the car and SCREAM SING IT BECAUSE IT’S A BOP.


Song: If this is Love

Artist: Ruth B.

While all of the songs before this were upbeat bops, this song is slower and more emotional. I’m not a huge fan of Ruth B. but this song is absolutely beautiful.


Song: Weekends

Artist: Amy Shark

Amy Shark was also featured on my last music of the month, and I’ve been loving her a lot these past few months. This song is beautiful if not a little bit weird and confusing.

the 1.jpg

Song: The One

Artist: The Chainsmokers

Again, I didn’t expect to like this song but it’s actually so beautiful and I love it. I’ve even started learning how to play it on ukulele.


Song: Pleaser

Artist: Wallows

This song is a little bit more funky and quirky than the others on this playlist, but I like that. It’s really fun to listen to and I’ve been loving it.

world on fire.jpg

Song: World On Fire

Artist: Louis the Kid featuring Ashe

This song has become my go-to driving song. Almost every time I get in the car I turn on this song. It’s funky and groovy and fun.

say my name.jpg

Song: Say My Name

Artist: Tove Styrke

B. O. P.


Song; Carolina

Artist: Harry Styles

I’ve been loving Harry Styles’ new album and this is one of my favorites.

slip away.jpg

Song: Slip Away

Artist: Perfume Genius

This song is just so cool.

miss america.jpg

Song: Miss America

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson featuring Sarah Bareilles

This song is so beautiful and haunting. I’m a huge fan of music that means something, and the message of this song is beautiful and heartbreaking.


Song: Hiccups

Artist: WATERS

This is another summer bop I’ll be playing all summer long.

like a woman.jpg

Song: Like a Woman

Artist: Kacy Hill

This song is groovy as heck. Enough said.

great divide.jpg

Song: Great Divide

Artist: Magic Giant

This is my current favorite song. It’s so pure and sweet. “The world is just a wishful fishbowl.” SO CUTE.

feels like summer.jpg

Song: Feels Like Summer

Artist: Weezer

I honestly can’t believe this is a Weezer song. It’s so different from their older stuff, but it’s fun and summery and I’ve been loving it.

there for you.jpg

Song: There For You

Artist: Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan

I was so excited when it was announce that Troye would be releasing a song with Martin Garrix because I’ve missed Troye’s music so much. This song is so fun and and I love it.

pretty girl.jpeg

Song: Pretty Girl

Artist: Maggie Lindemann

I had never heard of Maggie Lindemann before, but this song is so interesting to me. It’s not like most of the music I usually listen to because I’m not typically a fan of pop but this song is so good.


Song: Strangers

Artist: Halsey featuring Lauren Jauregui

I’m so excited for Halsey’s new album to come out, and this song gives me such good vibes. It’s also hella gay.


Song: Malibu

Artist: Miley Cyrus

I never thought I would like a Miley Cyrus song after Hannah Montana, but I love this song. It’s so refreshing and summery. I would recommended it even to those not into pop music.

most girls.jpg

Song: Most Girls

Artist: Hailee Steinfeld

Again, I love this song for it’s message. It’s so positive and makes me feel a serious sense of girl power.

And now for the big reveal! I’ve made a spotify playlist of all the songs on this post so that you can listen to my playlists! You can find May here.

I hope you all enjoy this post, and I’ll see you on Tuesday!

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