50 Facts About Me

1. My favorite color is yellow. Bright, happy yellow. I’ve been told it doesn’t fit my personality, but I love it.

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2. I can seem pretty intimidating. I’m pretty confident and I wear a lot of dark colors which apparently makes me seem scary. In reality I’m fairly shy!

3. I love dumb comedy. I tend to watch tv shows like Brooklyn 99 and The Office because the mindless humor is so funny to me, and it’s good for binging and background noise.

b99the office


4. I have a really good memory. I remember lyrics to almost any song I’ve heard in the past five years, and I find it fun to memorize and recite commercials from the radio and tv.

5. I want several piercings and a few tattoos. I have two lobe piercings already, but I want three cartilage and a conch piercing. I also want a few minimalistic tattoos.

6. I can’t choose a favorite school subject. I really like english because I love reading and writing, I think that history is super interesting, and I like math so much I’m taking two different math classes this year!

7. I had braces for four years total. I had them for two years in elementary school and two years in high school.

8. Last summer I dyed my hair pink for two months and red for two months!

9. My favorite aspect of makeup is eyebrows.

10. My favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and beef teriyaki.

11. I hate tomatoes! I have to ask for my pizza and spaghetti with light sauce, and sometimes I end up scraping extra off.

12. I love to bake. I grew up in a household that did not bake beyond birthday cakes, but starting when I was about 12, I’ve loved baking cupcakes and cookies.

13. I love to travel, especially internationally. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many European countries, and those trips have been some of the best experiences of my life.

14. I speak French and I think it’s the most beautiful language in the world.

15. Throughout my life I have played 6 instruments! I’ve learned piano, cello, guitar, flute, piccolo, and ukulele.

16. I have a very diverse music taste. I listen to alternative, indie, pop, rap, and even some swing.

17. I love cats.

18. I hate sports. I played soccer and swam when I was younger, and I hated them both!

19. I love to wear simple jewelry like thin rings, small necklaces, and stud earrings.

20. I have really tiny feet!

21. I can crack almost every joint in my body.

22. My worst habit is probably pulling out my hair and eyebrows. I also used to bite my nails.

23. I’m really awkward and clumsy.

24. Organizing my entire life is one of my favorite things to do, but I have a hard time maintaining a system.

25. I can’t have any notifications on my phone. I always have to check every app to make sure I don’t have any little notification bubbles.

26. I text in full sentences.

27. I drink a lot of water. I usually drink four or five bottles per day.

28. My most used social media are instagram and pinterest!

29. I’m a morning person. I’m always most productive in the morning, and I get sleepy and sluggish in the afternoons.

30. I have a lot of books. I’ve filled up an entire bookshelf and had to find lots of other places in my room to hold all of my books!

31. I know how to finish a Rubix cube, and I can do it in under one minute.

32. I am constantly binging tv shows. In the past few weeks I’ve watched Riverdale, Girlboss, and a full season of Toddlers and Tiaras, as well as watching a few episodes of The Office, Brooklyn 99, and Parks and Rec every few days!


33. I love clothes. My personal style is constantly evolving, so I constantly want new clothes.

34. I lose or break every pair of earbuds I own within a few weeks. For my birthday, my dad gave me five pairs so I wouldn’t have to buy new ones for six months.

35. I like to paint my nails. I’ve gotten pretty good at it because I redo them about once every couple of weeks.

36. Tradition and schedules are really important to me. It might be an anxiety thing but I do not like change and I try to keep everything consistent.

37. I want to study sociology and become a social justice lawyer.

38. I love reality tv. It’s my biggest guilty pleasure.

39. I have a younger brother who is 14. We get along really well. He’s way taller than me and a lot of people can’t tell who’s older. I’m not a fan.

40. I try to always see the best in people. Even if someone has done me wrong, I always try to forgive them and give them the benefit of the doubt. People change, and I believe in that to a fault.

41. I love food but I don’t have a big appetite. Even when I get kids sized meals I don’t always finish them.

42. Tea is my favorite drink. I drink at least one cup per day and I have a huge variety of teas in my cabinet.

43. I’m always trying to be the best version of myself.

44. I like to try new things with my hair. As I said I’ve dyed my hair, had it long, chopped it off, and I’m constantly finding new ways to style it.

45. I’m really bad at committing to things for long periods of time. I’m trying to get better at that.

46. I don’t like chocolate.

47. To clarify, I don’t like milk chocolate or white chocolate. I do like dark chocolate, and I like things with chocolate in them. I just don’t like straight milk or white chocolate.

48. I’m super competitive!

49. I love indoor plants, especially cacti and succulents.

50. I have a lot of ambitions and dreams about what my life will be like in the future. I have no idea what my life will throw at me but I can’t wait to take the world by storm.

Thank you all so much for reading this post! I’m happy to share a bit more about myself with you. (:

7 thoughts on “50 Facts About Me

  1. I love posts like these, its fun to get to know other bloggers better! I too am a fan of dumb comedy. Like really dumb. I think it is because I have anxiety and heavy/dark movies just stress me out and dumb comedy you can just laugh at and not think anything of it!

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