Spring Favorites – New Finds and Old Essentials

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday (:

Today I’m bringing you a post I am very excited about. I’ve been planning this post out for weeks and it’s finally time! Today I am bringing you my favorite products this spring.

benefit total moisture facial cream

I received this product in a set of testers from a benefit vending machine in an airport. Yeah, I know. But this product is amazing. I use this before I put on my face makeup and it is super moisturizing and smells amazing.

l’oreal infallible total cover foundation


I went about six months without using any face makeup, and was trying to find a new foundation when I stumbled upon this product. I know that everyone has talked about this foundation, but it really is amazing. It’s super light and yet full coverage and they have a light enough color for my skin tone!

maybelline master camo color correcting kit

As with the last product, I was looking for some color correcting concealer, and I picked this kit up. It’s a total mess because I use this all the time. I love the cream texture and the yellow and green color correcting products as well as the concealer. This product does verge on too dark for me, so I can only use one of the concealer colors.

benefit dandelion dew liquid blush

This product also came in my benefit airport set, and I love it. I’d never used a liquid blush before this, and I instantly fell in love. I love the dandelion blush, but I’ve found myself reaching for the dew everyday. This product is very pigmented, so I use just a tiny drop and it does the job. I also love the pump top because it makes it easy to dispense a small amount of product.

benefit roller lash mascara

I have been trying to find my holy grail mascara and I think this is it. I have long lashes, but they tend to stick straight out. I didn’t fully believe that this product would actually curl my lashes, but I can wear this mascara without curling my lashes first and they look so long and luscious! I’m in love.

revlon balm stain

This is an older product that I’ve recently rediscovered. This lip product is basically a cross between a lip gloss and a lip balm. It’s so moisturizing and still has a good color payoff, and it lasts forever. I have the color 001 honey, which is the perfect pink for spring.

essie nail lacquers


I had never used essie nail polishes before but I picked up one and it sparked an addiction. I’ve been slowly growing my collection, and they’re amazing. I’ve been very much into pastels this spring, and these three colors are all amazing.

1001 skinny dip


This is actually the polish that is on my nails. It’s a sheer pink (I used about three layers), and it’s so sophisticated and beautiful. I love it.

1918 ciao effect (no longer available)


I am so mad I could not find this color online because this might be my favorite essie nail polish. I get so many compliments when I wear this color, and it’s so gorgeous. I got it at target so if you’re looking for the color I would check there!

760 find me an oasis


This polish is so beautiful. It’s less opaque than the purple but more opaque than the pink, and it’s so beautifully subtle.

lush sexy peel soap


I’ve talked about this soap before, but I adore it. I’ve been using this soap for about seven months and each bar gets better. I love the chunks of peel in the soap, it’s very gentle yet cleans deeply. It also smells like heaven.

argan oil of morocco extra strength shampoo


I bought this product on a whim, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I got the extra strength because it was the only one available at my drug store, but the whole line is amazing. This product makes my hair feel so silky and yet so strong and it smells amazing.

argan oil of morocco conditioner


As with the previous product, I did not mean to buy this conditioner but I am in love! The only thing I don’t love about this product is the shape of the bottle, but other than that I am obsessed.

target bali sunrise candle


I love target candles, and this is the reason why. I first bought this candle about four years ago and it smells so good. It only has two wicks but it still smells so strong and it has such a good scent.

target coastal palm candle (limited edition)


This is my favorite limited edition candle from this year. It is so sweet yet floral and I adore it. I burn this like every day. I like to burn it while burning the bali sunrise as well!

target lush amazon candle (limited edition)


This is another amazing limited edition candle. It’s super nature-y and very refreshing. I don’t burn this one as much as I do the other but I think it’s better for someone who like more floral scents.

That is all for my spring favorites! I’ve found so many great new products this season and rediscovered some older products as well and I’m very excited to see what this summer will bring!

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. I am not being sponsored by any of the brands or products mentioned in this post (:



7 thoughts on “Spring Favorites – New Finds and Old Essentials

  1. I just found your blog and I love it! This post is really good 🙂 I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Plus I love the Essie nail polish colours but I have never been able to get on with them, they always seem to peel off my nails after a day. So I am very jealous that you can wear them haha! xx

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