Battling My Body: 16 Months of Injury and Illness


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk to y’all about something that I’ve been dealing with for the past year and a half-ish, which is the state of my physical health. (Of course, there’ve been mental health difficulties as well, but I’ll save that for a different post.)

Starting in late 2015, I have been going through a series of serious injuries, and when I’m not injured, I get sick.

It started in early December, when I fell off my bike and ended up with tendonitis in my left wrist.

I was biking home with a friend when I crashed into a pole in the middle of a bike path and landed on my wrist. After a few hours of increasing pain, I went to the doctor and was told I had a severe sprain.

Several x-rays (a total of 14) later and they gave me a brace and told me to wear it until my pain stopped. Unfortunately, my pain only got worse.

My wrist, fully braced

After a few weeks of consistent pain, I ended up going to my sports doctor. He told me that wearing the brace had caused my sprain to devolve into tendonitis. I stopped wearing the brace, but it took six months to fully heal.

By May of 2016 my wrist was healed, but I was on the verge of another injury. At the beginning of June, I sprained my knee from overuse during a ballet intensive.

I ignored the pain for a few days until it got to the point that I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. I went to the doctor yet again, got more x-rays done (only 3 this time), and again was told I had a severe sprain. I was given a brace and crutches and told to use them until my pain went away.

Clearly I should stop listening to those instructions.

After a few days of resting and elevating my leg, we noticed that I had a lot of swelling, not only around my knee but also in my foot and ankle.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.52.08 AM.png
I spent so much time in the doctors office, they gave me a sticker!

I was rushed to urgent care, where it was decided that the compression had caused a build-up of fluid in my foot, which had aggravated pre-existing bruised tendons.

I was on crutches for about a week, and I stopped wearing the brace and started physical therapy to get my range of movement back into my leg.

I spent nearly the entire summer healing, and I was mostly healed by September. Which is when I got sick.

It was just a stomach bug, but it lasted a week and a half and there were some other, even more lasting impacts that no one could have expected.

I ended up with this syndrome called costochondritis. It’s fairly uncommon, but it usually pops up after a virus. Essentially the cartilage between my ribs got inflamed and it felt like I was being stabbed every time I tried to breathe. Fun.

There’s no real treatment, just taking ibuprofen and waiting it out. For me, that meant all the way until late November. December was relatively tame, just a cold around Christmastime.

January kicked off with a sprained back. That’s right, the entire right side of my back was in so much pain I couldn’t stand or walk. The first morning I woke up with the pain, I was paralyzed for a good half hour until the ibuprofen kicked in and a heating pad loosened my muscles.

It was a relatively short-term injury, lasting no more than three weeks. But I have other back problems, which was made clear in February when I got a pinched nerve between my shoulder blade and spine.

If you’ve never had a pinched nerve, I’ll try to explain the sensation to you. In the origin, or the place where the nerve is located, there’s the sensation of pins-and-needles, almost like a foot falling asleep.

But nerve pain radiates, meaning that I also experienced achy pain in my elbow and lower back. In all honesty, I could have dealt with the shoulder pain, but the elbow and back pain were so bad that I couldn’t make it through a full day of school.

Most recently, a few weeks ago I had a terrible migraine. Many of you know about this, but for those of you who may not, I ended up seeing two general doctors, one neurologist, and I spent a day in the ER. It was terrible, lasting almost a full week. I’m getting an MRI soon and visiting an ophthalmologist so we can make sure everything is okay.

It’s been hard to be so out of commission for so long. I love to move, so it’s hard for me to be stuck in bed for long periods of time. I’m starting cross training and I’m working towards full body healing. Wish me luck!

What is the most serious injury or illness you’ve ever had?

6 thoughts on “Battling My Body: 16 Months of Injury and Illness

  1. Oh my goodness!! You poor thing! You know, sometimes I think sprains and tendon injuries are much worse than breaks because they are more stubborn to heal. 😦
    And oh my word, yes I’ve had pinched nerve before and it is AWFUL!

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  2. Hopefully you can get a streak of excellent health to make up for it! The worst illness I’ve had is a mental one, I suffered from multiple panic attacks daily for about 7-8 months a few years ago. It was not fun!!! Physically I’ve managed to avoid major injury. The worst was when I was in a car accident and had bruises everywhere!

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