The Dawn Dagger Challenge

I am so excited to have been nominated for my first challenge on this blog! A big thanks to Nikki for tagging me in the Dawn Dagger Challenge!


  • Answer the questions given
  • Give 10 questions for your nominees
  • Nominate 1-10 people

Nikki’s questions:

  1. What was your first concert? The first concert I ever went to was Carrie Underwood, and Hunter Hayes opened. I’m not a fan of either of them anymore, but if you’d like to read about some of my favorite concerts I’ve been to, you can read this post!
  2. What is your go-to summer drink? Iced chai latte! (Or any iced tea drink)
  3. What did you last purchase? A set of temporary tattoos with quotes from Pride and Prejudice, and a pair of socks with titles of banned books on them.
  4. What kind of phone do you have? I have the silver iPhone 6.
  5. Do you have a cute/cool case? I have a black case with a gold pattern on it, but it’s pretty old and not super cute ):
  6. What is your favorite donut? Maple bar. No contest.
  7. Converse or vans? Converse! I have a pair of really old white high-tops that are disgusting and falling apart and I love them to death.
  8. Coffee or tea? Tea. Coffee actually upsets my stomach, so I can’t drink it anymore. But I drink a LOT of tea!
  9. Current trend: Off-the-shoulder floral top or ruffle gingham crop? Off-the-shoulder floral. I live for florals and exposed shoulders/collarbones.
  10. What is your regular Starbucks order? Either a grande iced chai latte or a tall strawberry acai refresher! Yum.

My questions:

  1. Youtube or Netflix?
  2. What’s the perfect time to get out of bed?
  3. What is your favorite dessert?
  4. Best coffee shop?
  5. What is your favorite kind of blog post to write?
  6. Do you shower in the morning or at night?
  7. At what time of day are you most productive?
  8. Would you rather go for a walk or a bike ride?
  9. Do you play any instruments?
  10. What is your favorite afternoon snack?

I nominate:








Of course none of you should feel obliged to do this, but I hope you will! I look forward to seeing any of these lovelies who choose to do this challenge!

huge thanks once again to Nikki for nominating me! And thanks to all of you for reading!

8 thoughts on “The Dawn Dagger Challenge

  1. Thank you for the nomination!! We have the exact same Starbucks orders, chai or the strawberry acai! Can’t wait to answer your questions! (It might be awhile though because I have a few pending but I will get to it!!!)

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