Music of the Month – March

Happy April everyone! Thank you so much for 50+ followers! The first milestone of many (: Anyway, here’s my March music favorites.


Artist: Allie X

Album: Alexandra – Single

Song: Alexandra

Allie X does it again. Her first album/EP was full of bops, and as she prepares to drop her next album, she’s released several singles, including this one. Since I first heard this song I’ve been hooked. Her voice is amazing, and this song relies so much on her vocals, it gives me goosebumps.


Artist: Tessa Violet

Album: Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled

Song: Tennessee

Honestly, I didn’t like this album much at first. I much prefer her newer stuff, but this month I’ve been listening to this album more and I’m falling in love. It’s a bit cutesier than Halloway, but I really enjoy the style and there is some lyrical genius in here.


Artist: That Poppy

Album: Bubblebath

Song: Lowlife

That Poppy is an internet sensation. I don’t entirely understand her, but I don’t think anyone really does. Regardless, this EP is so fun. It’s social commentary painted pink and sparkly. Lowlife is probably the darkest song (it’s a tough call with American Kids), but it’s so good and funky. I highly recommend.


Artist: Jain

Album: Zanaka

Song: All My Days

This album is so good. I’ve been listening to Jain pretty consistently for a few months now, and I keep finding new things to love about it. All My Days is a hidden gem. It’s pretty unlike the other, poppier songs on the album, so it didn’t stand out much to me at first. Now that I’ve taken the time to listen to it I’m amazed at her skill.


Artist: Ed Sheeran

Album: Divide

Song: What Do I know?

I think the entire music community is pretty shook by Ed’s new album. He’s changing the game, and I’m obsessed. I love his previous albums, but they don’t compare to my love for this album. It’s so good.

lost boys life

Artist: Computer Games

Album: Lost Boys Life

Song: Lost Boys Life (voice memo)

This was probably the last thing I expected from Darren Criss, but this collaboration between him and his brother Chuck is the pop EP I never knew I needed. The voice memo version of the title track Lost Boys Life gives me nostalgia for Darren’s Glee days. It’s a beautiful yet fun EP.

Well, that’s everything! There was a good mix of strong female vocalists and new releases from male pop artists and I was very happy with the music that was released/rediscovered this month.

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