My Favorite Dance Items

As a ballerina of nearly 14 years, I’ve acquired some favorites. These items may not be essential, but they make my life 10,000 times easier.

1. Suffolk Spotlights

My current two pairs of pointe shoes

I have been wearing these pointe shoes for almost two years and they are magical. They are definitely my shoe. If you have high arches and like three quarter shanks I highly recommend. They die fairly quickly, but they’re amazing shoes and very easy to break in.

2. So Danca B

These flats changed my life. Almost all the girls at my studio have converted to them. They’re very sleek and hug the arch beautifully. They don’t have a drawstring, so you may want to be fitted for them before ordering online to ensure they will fit.

3. Revolution Dancewear Rehearsal Tutu

Wearing my rehearsal tutu for a photoshoot last summer

If you’re a ballerina you will know the excitement of getting a rehearsal tutu. This one is beautiful and very fluffy. Unfortunately you can only buy from Revolution through a studio, but it’s worth it.

4. H tutu O Water Bottle

Of course every dancer needs a water bottle. And one with a dance/chemistry pun on it? Sign me up!

5. Micropore Surgical Tape

Funny story. A couple of years ago I tripped and lost a toenail. My dad bought me a 12-pack of this tape, and we thought I’d never run out. I now use it on my toes for pointe, and it’s looking like I’ll be needing a new box soon. Oops.

Nexcare waterproof on the left, micropore on the right

6. Nexcare Waterproof Tape

This tape is the ultimate comfort for bruised toenails. It’s pretty thick, so be careful not to overdo it. I’ve found that using too much can actually cause more pain, but using small pieces can make pointework much more comfortable when you’ve bruised a toenail or two.

7. Icy Hot Cream

Not gonna lie, I would bathe in this stuff if I could. It’s great for sore muscles, and I especially like to use it on my shoulders and upper back. I actually introduced it to my mom at one point when she was having a backache and she agrees, it’s magical.

8. Mirella Wrap Skirt

This is the perfect skirt for rehearsals. It’s the perfect length and the ribbons are pretty long so there’s plenty of length to tie. It’s lightweight and flows beautifully.

9. Bunheads Ouch Pouch Junior Toe Pads

My toepads (they could use a wash)

I’ve been using these toepads (yes, the same exact pair) since I got my first pointe shoes. I have very tiny feet, and these are just small enough that they don’t peek out of my shoes much. They have just enough padding to be comfortable, but they’re not too thick.

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