Note Taking Like a Pro

I am an avid note-taker. I take several lecture-based classes, and this year I’ve had to develop my note-taking strategy. I’ve come up with my own method and highlighting system.

Honestly, I take too many notes. I have a tendency to try to write down everything a teacher says, which is not effective for studying. Highlighting allows me to separate different kinds of information.

I use three colors of highlighters, yellow, green, and pink.


Pink is for headers. This allows me to know where to find different pieces of information based upon what I need to know.

Green is for equations and only equations. Anything that has an “equals” sign. I also use it for definitions in statistics as well.

Yellow is for important details. This means rules for equations, when to use them, how to use them. Yellow is often my least used color because I try to use it only for the most important information.

Here’s one example from my statistics notebook and one from my pre-calc notebook.


Pink is still for headers. It doesn’t really change from subject to subject, I like to have consistency across all my notes.

Green is for names and terms. They feel like the English/History equivalent to equations.

Yellow is still for important information. There tends to be much more yellow in my English and History notes than in my math notebooks.

Here’s an example from some Cornell notes I took in history.

IMG_9545 2

As you can see, I like simplicity. I try to keep my notes consistent across all classes, and my notes are formulated specifically to help me study.

Taking notes is something that is really up to every individual. You can change your style up to suit your needs. It’s good to explore different styles in order to perfect your notes for you.

ps: I am currently on a school trip in Washington D.C.! I will not be able to read/interact as much as when I am at home, if at all. I will be back in a week or so, and expect a post about my trip a bit after that!

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