Soon-to-be Senior

Ah yes, the wonderful time of year. Spring tends to make people (high school students, specifically) go a little crazy. The senioritis is strong at the moment. I’m not even a senior, but I can feel it. Is junioritis a thing? It should be.

It may be March, and there are plenty of things to be done in the next three months, but I am more than ready for summer. I don’t really want to be thinking about senior year quite yet, but it seems I have no choice. One of the biggest things I have to do this spring?

Select my classes for senior year.

I can’t believe I’m halfway through junior year, let alone begin to think about which classes I’d like to take next year. (Let’s just ignore the fact that I’ve had my schedules planned out since freshman year. That’s irrelevant.)

I took a crazy intense course load this year. Two math classes, honors english, an AP class, and working on the newspaper. It’s safe to say the work piled up. So, looking at next year, I’d like to be able to relax and take some easy classes.

For me, that looks like government/economics, english, AP calculus, physiology and anatomy, and photography. Yes, my “easy” course load includes college-level math and a non-essential science class. I’m crazy, okay?

Living in a crazy college town is definitely a huge factor in my class choices. There are very few kids who don’t take AP calc in high school, and I’ve taken way fewer AP and honors courses than is standard. I didn’t take the PSAT until the end of my sophomore year.

Honestly, thinking about my senior year makes me slightly stressed. I still have loads to do as a junior, but I’m so overwhelmed by everything I have to do next year I can’t think about that. In the next couple of months I have to take the SAT and the AP and visit colleges. I really should be focused on finishing out junior year strong, but it’s hard when no one ever stops talking about senior year and college and AH.

I know that a lot of kids my age are overwhelmed with these things. Everyone in my town sure is. I think it’s important to take a step back and breathe. Everything will be okay. I hope.

6 thoughts on “Soon-to-be Senior

  1. I’m a junior in high school too, and kinda really nervous for senior year as well! But with enough planning ahead, I’m sure it will be my best (as well as last :’/) year of high school. But anyways, nice blog post. 🙂
    (Just found your blog, hopefully you’re okay with a random person commenting lol.)

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