Dancing Through the Ages

I have been a dancer for nearly 14 years now. That’s a long time to be committed to something, especially at my age. I’ve been dancing for so long I can’t imagine not being a dancer. Here’s my dance story.


My dance story starts in 2003. All of my cousins were dancers, and I looked up to them a lot as a kid. I decided that I wanted to dance too, and I eventually convinced my mom to let me take a dance class. I was three years old.


My mom has told me on multiple occasions that she never expected it to last much longer than a few years. She let me take creative movement and pre-ballet classes because I wanted to so badly, but she fully expected me to quit eventually.

Unfortunately for her, I only fell more in love over time.

When we moved to California, the first thing my mom did was put me in ballet classes. By the age of six dance class was already my favorite place to be.


Growing up in a small, local studio I tried many different styles of dance. I did ballet fairly consistently, but I also took a year of hip hop, a few years of jazz, a year of dance team, and six years of modern, contemporary, and lyrical.


When I was in the sixth grade I joined a local contemporary company. That was a huge stepping stone for my dance career. I fell even more in love with dance, especially modern.


At thirteen I started pointe. I waited a while until going en pointe, but it paid off. In my first pointe class ever I was in center.


I started going to dance intensives the next summer. I started with a fairly small intensive in Albuquerque, NM. The next summer, I was dancing with Sacramento Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet School.

By tenth grade I was incredibly enthusiastic about ballet and I fully believed I would have a professional career.


Two months later and I had changed my mind.

That’s the thing about being a teenager, your dreams and aspirations change all the time. After six years of wanting desperately to become a professional ballerina I had suddenly decided that wasn’t the path for me.

Despite not wanting to be professional, I didn’t quit dancing. I have continued to take ballet classes and I’m looking to continue dance in college.

My dance journey has been a long one. It’s been essentially a career and a hobby and a source of joy. I know that no matter what I’m doing with my life, dance will always be a part of me.

3 thoughts on “Dancing Through the Ages

  1. That is so amazing you’ve been dancing for well over a decade! I used to take dance classes but unfortunately didn’t keep up with it. Dancing is still one of my favorite things to do, though entirely informally now. You go girl! x

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