Picking Up Hobbies (and sticking with them)

I like to consider myself a jack of all trades. I’m a good student, musical, funny, and sporty! (Okay… maybe not.)

In all seriousness, I love starting new hobbies. In sixth grade I decided to write a novel. I know how to sew, knit, and crochet. I’ve learned six different instruments. I like to cook and bake, I sing, and I dance. The thing is, I’m bad at sticking with hobbies.

I tend to find things and get really interested for about a week, and then I drop them. But in the past few years, I’ve learned what it takes to keep up with my variety of hobbies.

1. Set aside a time to do your hobby.

This may seem insanely obvious, but I’m serious. Have a standing time at least once a week when you can sit down and do your thing. I’ve stayed with dance for so long (nearly 14 years) because classes are consistent. I try to take the time to sit down and play ukulele at least four times a week. I make friendship bracelets and do a Rubix cube during commercial breaks. (Lame, I know)

2. Choose wisely.

As someone who has done a wide variety of random things in my life, it’s definitely important to choose something you’re passionate about. About four months ago I decided to commit to learning how to do a Rubix cube, but I had been thinking about it for years. I waited six months before getting my first ukulele. I have learned to sit with my ideas before I dive in headfirst so that I know that I really do want to do the thing.

3. Don’t overcommit.

I’m not good at this, but if you’ve already got 17 things going on, maybe don’t try to pick up another hobby. This is a foreign concept to me as someone who is constantly overcommitted and overworked and overscheduled, but I’m sure it’s a good idea.

In all honesty, if there’s something you want to do, you should go for it. There’s no harm in trying, and you might discover something you really love. You truly never know until you try. Sometimes it’s good to dive in headfirst.

2 thoughts on “Picking Up Hobbies (and sticking with them)

  1. Nicely written! This year I have been trying to explore new hobbies which I have adapted to writing and yoga! Neither am I an expert in but so far so good 😊It’s nice once in a while to put yourself out there, you surprise yourself with what you may actually enjoy!

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